Each luxurious and distinctive Charles Krypell collection celebrates traditional skills and exceptional craftsmanship in a way that is so often lost and forgotten in today’s modern world. His initial notoriety came from his ability to match only the finest calibrated colored stones, ultimately creating perfect works of wearable art, far surpassing the quality of other jewelry at the time. to As a true designer, Charles continues to  immerse himself entirely in all parts of the process from the creation of the first molds, to the setting of each stone, ultimately creating masterpieces that he is proud to share with his worldwide collectors. In fact, Charles is still often found scribbling new design ideas onto napkins at the least likely times – a true artist through and through.

Open minded and multi-faceted, Charles Krypell Jewelry is aesthetically breathtaking, sculptural and timeless, while always remaining firmly rooted in artful craftsmanship and exquisite detail. In fact, Charles’ began his artistic endeavours as a sculptor. This training and practice in the three dimensional art of sculpture brought him to work in many mediums including: clay, wood, brass and stone, allowing him to finally come to jewelry with a fresh, open-minded perspective on shape, form, and possibility.


Traditionally, the strictly mannered discipline of making jewelry has provided a rigorous set of regulations and parameters to designers, but Charles Krypell has never looked at jewelry and design through a traditional lens. Instead, Krypell invisions each piece as a limitless sculpture, knowing no bounds. This true craftsmanship has allowed Charles Krypell jewelry to evolve and transform into the incredible brand that it is today, while continuing to maintain a standard of uncompromising quality, finish and detail.

Charles Krypell continues to challenge himself to pursue the pinnacle of beauty and wearability in each of his designs. Each piece is made to retain its beauty while meeting the demands of a lifetime of wear, which Charles considers his “ultimate craftsmanship.”