Jewelry designer Charles Krypell is most-known for his use of incredible and rare natural colored diamonds. In his Precious Pastel collection you’ll find beautiful Argyle pink diamonds, blues, greens and even the rarest red diamonds. However, Charles has a wide assortment of collections in an array of styles and price points, allowing each and everyone to find their own perfect piece of jewelry.

Learn more about the incredible and expansive Charles Krypell collections below.

Precious Pastel Collection

Charles Krypell introduced his Precious Pastel Collection to showcase the most exotic natural colored diamonds like argyle pinks, blues and greens are set in exquisite and romantic settings creating entirely one-of-a-kind jewelry. This collection is a stunning departure from the ordinary. In describing the stones carefully selected, Charles once said “Diamonds so rare and gemstones so pure act as natural new components in my design aesthetic – evolving design catering towards my sophisticated collectors. The best that Earth has to offer is all that one should require and all that I ever choose – allow me to design a functional and generational piece of jewelry around those requirements. ” – Charles Krypell

Pastel Collection

The Charles Krypell Pastel Collection utilizes the most sought after semi-precious stones of aquamarine, rubelite, peridot, citrine, and morganite with diamonds set in 18k white, yellow and rose gold. It is a playful and colorful take on the beautiful Charles Krypell Precious Pastel designs. With eye catching color and unprecedented attention to detail, each Pastel piece surprises and delights with an array of colors, sparkle, dimension and light.

The Krypell Collection

This historic collection stems back to Krypell’s original jewelry designs in the 1970s. It is a redefined and innovative approach to luxury, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. It is a truly iconic collection which is easily recognizable with its perfectly calibrated rich red rubies and velvety blue sapphires. Traditionally, the collection was made with baguette stones, which are carefully matched and calibrated to form extraordinarily, shapely, unique designs and more recently Krypell has been incorporating round stones to juxtapose the baguettes.

With a well styled and fresh new modern setting technique, coveted dimensional approach, relevant and rare stone usage and with the introduction of new metals like rose gold, the collection takes new life. Truly, the Krypell Collection can be described as timeless fine jewelry with dramatic details of scale, proportion and volume, paired anew with fresh, modern forms and contemporary design priorities.

Gold and Diamond Collection

Defined by intense carvings, disciplined angles, and perfect diamond placement, the Gold and Diamond Collection is arguably the most fashion-forward of all of the Charles Krypell collections to date. Featured in 18k yellow, white and rose gold, each piece perfectly combines wearability and luxury. This collection is streamlined yet timeless, and has been carefully designed to be worn from day to night with effortless style.

Sterling Silver Collection

Sterling Silver proved to be the foundation for Charles Krypell’s first pieces of wearable art. Originally from the 1980s, the Sterling Silver Collection was reintroduced in 2006 into a modern, styled, and casually elegant collection. The iconic Ivy Collection was created for Sterling Silver and will remain constant for Krypell as it represents some of the brand’s bestselling design aesthetics. Charles Krypell is focused on evolving the Sterling collection into trend setting designs, while maintaining his uniqueness in styling and attention to detail in every piece. This is evident by the fact that his newest Sterling designs mix and match, layer and stack effortlessly all with streamlined, simplified styles with a uniquely feminine design flare.