Charles Krypell Jewelry is a New York City-based contemporary fine jewelry brand that has become internationally renowned for its exquisite design and preeminent craftsmanship. Taking inspiration from architecture, fine art, and life’s beautiful scenery, Charles Krypell jewelry can be described as fine jewelry with dramatic details of scale, proportion and volume.

Charles’ journey all began when his first collection was introduced to the mainstream in 1976. Trained as a sculptor, designing in various mediums such as porcelain and sterling silver at first, Charles’ design aesthetic was immediately recognized as talent well ahead of his experience and age. Synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and quality, created through the desire to explore new limits through jewelry design, Charles Krypell has thoughtfully been recognized as a leading jewelry designer for the world market. Krypell has been contracted to design jewelry for royalty, celebrities, and specialty collectors. Today, the Charles Krypell design house focuses on the consumer, by providing the best that earth has to offer with natural metals, gemstones, and diamonds in extraordinary designs; never settling for ordinary always striving to be extraordinary. As a true designer, Charles wants his designs adorned by any and everyone and thus hand crafts fine jewelry in multiple mediums so as to offer an across-the-board styling of collections including: Sterling Silver, The Gold Collection, The Krypell Collection, The Pastels, and Precious Pastel. To learn more about what makes each collection so unique, please view ‘THE COLLECTIONS.’

With an inimitable style created through a combination of unprecedented design, which transcends time, Charles Krypell continues to innovate in the industry with the guiding philosophy that a multifaceted, always evolving woman should be adorned with jewelry to match. With over 100 points of sale nationwide, and a new flagship store in Long Island, New York, the brand continues to thrive under its founder and creative director, Charles Krypell. True to its roots, the Charles Krypell Brand remains, to this day, a family owned and operated business with countless new and exciting projects on the horizon.

A Note from the Designer

Innovative new designs are only appreciated when related to my collections from the past. Many have said, “Charles you are only as good as your next collection.” My new collections will mix and match, layer and stack, and balance off my previous collections in a perfectly paired manner. My design style is passionately evolving as my collector’s standards continually rise.
I design jewelry with the modern woman in mind. You have passion, you have style and wearing my jewelry will blend seamlessly with both. Family owned and operated, my company is very much in tune with the day today responsibilities many of my collectors bare. That is why I strive to develop and add to my collections, designs that are unique, versatile, and generational.
Ultimately, I strive to transition every one of my customers into a Charles Krypell collector. All of my jewelry will transcend time, setting apart your style in the modern day and creating lasting memories for future generations. Timeless design and detailed craftsmanship will give you the confidence that only true quality can inspire. Show the world the essence of you, one piece as a time.

Charles Krypell