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Back to basics: The introduction of the newest collection, 'Classics Redefined' is an innovative approach towards luxury, exclusivity, and expert craftsmanship.

With a well styled new modern setting, coveted dimensional shape, relevant and rare stone usage, and the introduction of new metals, Charles Krypell's designs effortlessly adapt to customer’s current and future lifestyles, paying homage to the modern woman in the modern world.

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History of the Argyle Pink Diamond

Mined exclusively in one region of the world, tucked away in the Kimberley region of Australia, Argyle Pink Diamonds are amongst the rarest and most sought after natural diamonds reserved for the most discerning collectors and investors.

Located in the northernmost part of the country, the Kimberley region spans over 1 million square kilometers and is the largest producer of diamonds by volume in the world. The Argyle mine opened in 1983 and has since produced well over 750,000,000 carats of diamonds and yields 90% of the world’s natural pink diamonds production. Due to reliability and pink saturation, less than 1% is brought to market thus increasing the stones exclusivity and desirability. Only 40- 50 certified Argyle pink diamonds are offered at auction yearly for those lucky few to bid on.

The Argyle mine also yields over 80% of the world’s natural brown diamonds, cognac diamonds, light brown diamonds, and less than 1% of various violet and blue diamonds.

The Argyle Pink Diamond Color Guide

Over one and a half billion years, mother nature has procured the best that earth has to offer in the purest most special diamonds. Found over one hundred miles beneath the Earth’s surface, Argyle Pink Diamonds contain the most feminine saturation of tone, hue, and color ranging from a light blush pink to a rare and intense deep pink. Explore the range of vibrant colors throughout the Charles Krypell collection.